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Distribution Boards

Designer DBs Three Pole & Neutral MCB Enclosure
• Suitable for surface & flush mounting

• Most elegantly designed DBs to suit thedecor of homes

• Provided with Transparent / Translucent see through doors, to view breaker position with out opening the cover.

• Come with earth bar, neutral link, top & bottom detachable gland plates with knockout

• Supplied with masking sheet for protection from cement during plastering.

• Suitable for surface & flushmounting

• Suitable for Single Phase & Three Phase supply with three phase incoming.

• C.R.C.A. sheet steel fabricated DBs upto 12W

• Available in Single Door (IP 40) as well as Double Door (IP42)

• Available in horizontal 4 quadrant and vertical design.

• Come with earth bar, neutral link, busbar, top & bottom detachable gland plates with knockout.

• Suitable for surface & flush mounting.

• Come with dinbars for independent mounting of circuit breakers.

• With provision for SP, DP, TP & FP devices

• Available in engineering plastic as well as C.R.C.A.

• Plug & socket DBs provide protection to Air conditions & motors.

• High efciency results in saving of energy bills.

• Low weight to output ratio

• Multimount construction of easy change of terminal box position (upto 132 frame)

• Suitable for standard VFD drives

• Good aesthetics and surface nish

• Better heat dissipation

• 6 Lead Terminal Box

Range :Version : Square (Box)Capacitor Duty : Normal, Heavy, Super HeavyVersion : CylindericalCapacitor Duty : Normal, Heavy, Agriculture