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Earthing Materials


Basbar, Strip, Wire, Earthing Plate, Flexible Braided Strip, Sheet, Rod, Pipe, Erester Available in all Size.


Earthing Plate C.I & M.S. in Electro & Hot Deep Galvanize available in all size.

G. I. WIRE :

G. I. Wire available in all guage.


25 x 3 – 25 x 6 – 32 x 6 – 40 x 6 – 50 x 6 75 x 8 – 100 x 10 (In available ready stock) Hot deep galvanize will make in order.

G. I. PIPE :

Watering Earthing Pipe with Hole & Furnal 20 mm, 25 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 2 mit. & 3 mit. ready available in Stock.


12”x12” – 18” x 18” – 24” x 24” Henges with lock & Plane

An efficient grounding system is critical to personnel safety and uninterrupted operations. But conventional ground rods aretypically insufficient for industrial uses where target resistance can be less than 1 ohm. The Brilltech Safe Earthing Electrodes solvesproblems found with conventional ground rods by requiring less space and fewer electrodes to meet specified resistance.Each Brilltech Safe Earthing Electrodes creates an optimal electrical connection to earth with a large conductive surface. Theearth/electrode interface is further enhanced by conductive backfill and electrolytic salts, ensuring a consistent path to ground.
Features :
  • • Revolution in Earthing Technology for domestic, Industrial LT&HT users.
  • • Very simple, totally maintenance free i.e. fit & forget installation.
  • • Corrosion proof, weather proof, water resistant, maintenance free, highly durable, life saving & cost effective solution forth lifetime.
  • • Proper Earthing ensures longer life for all electrical & electronic equipments.
  • • Fluctuation of OHMIC value is least (within safe limits).


Copper Earthing ElectrodeWith the incorporation of latest technology and skilled workforce, we offer a range of Copper Electrodes. These products offered by us have remarkable resistance against corrosion and ensure uniform earth contact resistance during their entire lifetime. Some other features of our products are:


  • • Optional electrical conductivity
  • • High mechanical strength
  • • Allow connection to Earthing systems like foundation Earthing and others
Chemical Earthing Compound
Our clients can also avail BFC Powder that are acknowledged for their reliability. These are
manufactured with the use of components of high quality that are procured from reliable vendors of the market. Our products are highly conductive and non corrosive and eliminate the use of salt and charcoal around the electrode. Some other features of our products are:
  • • Reduce soil resistivity
  • • Aid faster dissipation of fault current
  • • Ensure minimal fluctuation of OHMIC value

Chemical Earthing Electrode

The Chemical Earthing Electrodes offered by us manufactured with innovative technology and contain a conductor rich crystalline mixture, which helps in protecting the main earth electrode in the soil. Our products ensure high conductive state that enables the fault current to effectively pass on to the ground. Some other traits of our products are:


  • • Maintenance free
  • • Reliability
  • • Longevity